Winter 1999

We've been told that since New Year's Eve, we've received over 81 inches of snow (these pictures were taken just 16 days later). It's snowing as I type this, though the past two days have been quite warm allowing for considerable melt off.

At first glance, this snow picture may not seem too impressive, consider however, the car, then the snow pile directly behind it.

Because we received so much snow, hubby and youngest were forced to shovel the roof. While difficult to tell from the picture, ("Sure, you wait until we've finished the work to take the picture," says hubby.) the snow up there was crotch-high on my husband who is over six feet tall. When they were done shoveling, they didn't climb down the ladder, they just jumped into the deep snow pile they had made.

This is the back and the front of the house. Notice the mailboxes are almost missing and the snow on the porch is as high as the windows. Out back, some of the snow is from the roof, but notice the table and chairs engulfed in snow. This a protected spot under a very large tree.

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