Saloff Adventures 2009

Enjoy some of our favorite pictures from our travels and fun in 2009.

Tim finally working on the Porch.

Jamie in NOLA hotel.

Never know what you'll see in NOLA.

Look! Faulkner's house!

Dr. Saxtrum sings me a song.

NOLA trolley.

Tim having fun in NOLA.

Tim in NOLA.

The House of VooDoo. NOLA

February--Tim's Mom & Sister, Beth.

March--Bristol NASCAR.

Michael Waltrip crashing in practice. (Erg.)

Our cottage in TN. Serenity.

Hilton Head, where I took training, Tim golfed.

Grandfather Mtn. March.

Matthew's new car.

Tim at Grandfather Mtn. March

April--Tim relaxing at the cottage.

May, Spring is here!

May--My gift basket for writers conf.

May-Watching things grow at home.

May--Tim takes a little one for a ride.

June--How are garden grows!

June--Rev. Jamie, Rev. Elaine, Rev. Anita

Cut my hair--Yes! It's really my natural color!

June, Honeysuckle blossoms.

June--Joan & John at my graduation.

July--Bee Balm


July--We did have a few sunny
days this year.

Kid Rock concert--July

July roses.

August--Boys at Grandfather Mtn.

A close up.

August--Fair Days

August--We had one hot day.

August--Tim and I at Grandfather Mtn.

September--Bills Game with Ben and Terri.

Sept--Tim works on the cottage.

Sept--Tim at the Bills Game.

Sept--Tim has fun working at the ORC.